Edie & Joe soft toys are designed to comfort from a young age. The fabrics are soft, they are squishy to hold and they are certainly not rigid toys meant for the shelf. Designed to grow with your little one, they help them to develop their motor skills, as well as open up their imagination. They are made with the intention of being loved from day one, to be cuddled and squeezed, pulled about and dragged by the leg on the wildest adventures.

Made from soft jersey knits, not your usual plush fabrics, Edie & Joe soft toys are desirable for any little one.

These loveable characters are modern in design and make the perfect cuddling companion,

not to mention they are utterly adorable!

Our family favourite characters are Flopsy bunny and Frankie fox, which are both offered in various colours.

You'll be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect gift for a new baby, but rest assured all of our cuddly soft toys will be a firm favourite in any household. 

Don't forget- all of our products can be personalised too!