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In our last post we touched on the fact that babies respond best to black and white contrasting patterns. We found this so interesting that we have developed our own range of black and white products for your babies named the Monochrome Collection. In celebration of the launch, we would like to go into this in a little more detail with you to help you understand why babies love black and white.

So, why do babies love monochrome?

When babies are born they can see, but their vision is limited and they can only focus on distances of up to 25cm. When they reach around 6 months old, they will start to respond best to bold, contrasting patterns and shapes. Geometric black & white patterns are the most prominent because they are 100% contrast.

Studies show that babies find monochrome patterns more interesting than multi-coloured ones, and if their minds are stimulated, their physical development will also evolve; kicking, grasping and reaching out, developing their fine and gross motor skills. Concentration skills will advance along with increased attention span and curiosity, thus increasing their self confidence and self expression.

It is important that we provide our little ones with the opportunity to engage their eyesight and support their visual and physical development through the use of toys, decorations and books.

The Edie & Joe Monochrome Collection has been designed with exactly this in mind, and features an array of soft toys, nursery decorations and graphic prints all in black and white.

Our bunny soft toys are a great visual for your baby in a mixture of geometric monochrome prints and featuring long, tactile limbs to grasp hold of, and our black fox in his stripe dungarees is the perfect snuggling companion.

Edie & Joe monochrome soft toys- click image to shop

Monochrome baby mobiles are a great way to give your baby something to focus their eyes and attention on whilst laying in their bed. Following the movements of the dancing shapes will keep them entertained and allow them to reach and kick out to touch them.

Edie & Joe black & white baby mobile- click image to shop

Use bold, black & white printed graphics such as our lovely nursery prints, or print out our baby milestone cards in monochrome geometric designs- these also give your baby something to hold whilst you take cute, memorable photos- it’s a win, win!

Edie & Joe monochrome baby milestone cards set of 24- click image to shop

Edie & Joe monochrome prints- click image to shop

Adding some of our cuddly pom-pom trim cushions to your nursery in black & white prints will be decorative, supportive and visually appealing for your little one!

Edie & Joe black & white stripe cloud cushion- click image to shop

We also promote reading books in black and white to your baby, these stylish illustrated books by author Rowena Blyth are perfect to get their little mind stimulated!

"Milo's black and white world" & "Black & white animals" by Rowena Blyth- click image to shop

Finally, because baby clothes are absolutely essential, and because they're a nice treat for yourself as well as your baby, check out the adorable range of handmade baby styles available at Marni & Mowgli in an array of modern, monochrome prints.

Marni & Mowgli monochrome baby clothing- click image to shop

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