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Memory Bunny Workshop

Yesterday was the first Edie & Joe sewing workshop teaching how to make a memory bunny!

Held at Simply Solids fabric shop in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, we started small with just three home sewers fancying a new challenge!

It was a lovely, relaxed day cutting and sewing over tea and biscuits, with students learning new skills and putting their creativity to the test.

The first challenge was to cut out their pattern pieces from their pre-loved baby grows! Parting with precious memories can be scary for any Mum, but I think they all agreed that the finished product was so worth it!

Even choosing which piece should be cut from which baby grow is tricky, trying to make the finished soft toy in a patchwork style, and there isn't really room for mistakes as the fabric is already limited- it's almost like working out a jigsaw fitting all the pattern pieces into the tiny baby clothes!

Each pieces has interfacing fused to the back of it to stiffen the fabric and stop it from stretching so much when sewing, but these mixed jersey fabrics can still present a challenge when sewing them together due to the thickness, however, our sewers did a pretty good job!

The facial features are sewn on by hand, with a little felt nose and hand embroidered whiskers and eyes. The nice thing about this is that each bunny is slightly unique depending how their features end up looking.

The workshop was a 6 hour day, and with sewers at different skill levels they still managed to finish their bunnies (almost). Below are 2 finished bunnies, the third was only 1 step away from completion so I'm sure we will soon see photos of how it turned out!

How amazing are they? I love how the yellow bunny even has an added feature of a pocket with a little dog on, and the overall vintage look of the floral bunny is so unique!

The class has been popular, so we are hoping to host another workshop in the New Year for those who couldn't attend yesterday. Look out for it a !

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