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Memory keepsakes

Ever wondered what you will do with all of your cherished baby clothes that you just cannot throw away? Edie & Joe offer a service where we recycle your preloved baby clothes into a beautiful keepsake packed full of memories that you can love forever!

Remembrance keepsakes

When they are gone, we never stop missing our loved ones. Remembrance soft toys and cushions are a lovely way to feel comfort and love from the clothes they wore.

Edie & Joe can create a lovable keepsake soft toy, cushion or blanket made from

the clothes of your loved one to remember them each day.

We can also personalise these with a name.

For any further questions please contact:

How it works

1. Get your items of clothing together, for memory items you will need about 6 baby garments, or for remembrance items made from adult size clothing you will need a minimum of 2 items, but as many as you'd like to be included is fine.

2. Place your order for a keepsake item by clicking on the products below and adding to your basket.

3. Post your items to us (we will email you the address to send to upon ordering),

or drop them off yourself if you are local.

4. We work our magic and turn your pre-loved clothes into your beautiful keepsake.

5. We post your keepsake to you!

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