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Boho milestone card - humorous


Celebrate your little girl's milestones with a dash of humour using our funny baby milestone cards. Designed to bring a smile to your face, these charming cards feature delightful illustrations and playful captions, adding a touch of light-heartedness to each milestone captured.


These milestone cards embrace a bohemian, earthy colour theme and feature charming illustrations of stars and moons. Each milestone card features a clever and humorous caption that adds a playful twist to the milestone being celebrated. From "Today I wee’d on Daddy!" to "Today I rolled off the bed" these cards will bring a chuckle and a shared understanding to fellow parents.


Our set includes 24 carefully curated milestone cards, covering a wide range of memorable, funny moments. Each card showcases a specific humorous milestone, with ample space on the back for you to add the date and any additional notes or funny anecdotes.


I've arrived! Good luck

Today I cried all day for no reason

Today I had a poo in the bath

Today Daddy dressed me

Today I had my first meltdown in public

Today I refused to wear clothes

Today I wee'd on Mummy

Today I wee'd on Daddy

Today I made an absolute mess

I'm the reason Mummy drinks

Totally milk drunk

Today I pooed everywhere

Today I slept for five whole minutes

Today I rolled off the bed

Today I puked in the car

Today I was a little horror

Today I let Mummy wee in peace

Today I was a Devil child

Today I puked on Mummy

Today I puked on Daddy

Today I ate something I shouldn't have

Today I learnt how to escape

Today I had a food fight with myself

Today I let Mummy have a three minute shower


These milestone cards are designed to be convenient and hassle-free. Simply place the appropriate card beside your baby as they achieve a new milestone and snap a photo to commemorate the moment , and let the humour shine through. They're perfect for sharing on social media or creating a keepsake filled with delightful memories. Display the cards in a frame, keep them in a memory box, or create a dedicated milestone album that will bring laughter and nostalgia in the years to come.


 Whether you're a first-time parent or adding another little adventurer to your family, our humorous baby milestone cards are the perfect addition to celebrate and remember those special moments and let the laughter fill the air.


Start creating unforgettable, hilarious memories today!


Material: 300gsm silk card


Size: Single card 10.5cm x 15cm (A6 size)


Packaging: With our ongoing mission to reduce single use plastic usage, your set of 24 milestone cards will come tied in string inside a reusable muslin drawstring bag with kraft swing tags, then wrapped neatly in tissue paper with an Edie & Joe sticker seal.


Boho milestone card - humorous

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