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Nursery Trend: Stripes

A big trend for nurseries at the moment is stripes. From classic to contemporary, let's dive deeper into this enduring trend and explore how you can incorporate stripes into your little one's nursery.

Stripe wallpaper in nursery with round wooden crib and white changing table

Striped Wallpaper

One of the most impactful ways to embrace the stripe trend in your nursery is through striped wallpaper. Whether you prefer bold, wide stripes or delicate, pinstriped patterns, wallpaper sets the stage for the entire room. The current stripe trend tends to be more soft pastel or neutral stripes in on area of the room. This adds depth and visual interest without overwhelming the space. Consider using striped wallpaper as an accent wall, above dado rail panelling or in an alcove. It would make a really cute reading nook backdrop too.

I Love Wallpaper have some perfect striped wallpaper in multiple colours to choose from, browse here.


Photo credit: @theoldmaltkiln

Nursery print goose with stripe background

Stripes in Prints

Inject some colour into your nursery decor with stripe prints. From adorable animal motifs to more minimal designs, stripes can add a playful but modern touch to your wall art. Mix and match different prints and colours to create a fun gallery wall that adds visual interest for your baby. Think about framing striped prints in wood frames for a more rustic look, or a black frame to really make it stand out.

I am loving this goose print with stripe background from The Lil Dills Shop.

Photo credit: The Lil Dills Shop

Stripe linen bedsheet for baby crib

Striped bedding

Transform your baby's cot into a cosy haven with striped bedding that combines comfort with style. Soft linen sheets with subtle stripes create a classic look, perfect for any nursery style. For a gender-neutral option, opt for soothing shades of beige or mint in a narrow striped pattern.

For older littles, add a striped duvet and pillow to their bed. Again, linens or fresh cottons are ideal here.

Photo credit: Big Little Things Store

Stripe blanket for baby nursery decor

Stripes in Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings play a crucial role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your baby's nursery. Introduce stripes into your baby's room through cosy blankets, soft rugs, and snuggly throw pillows.

A striped rug can really be the focus of the room and ties the design together while providing a soft and comfortable surface for playtime.

Striped cushions in your reading nook or giant floor pillows would work well for this trend.

How sweet is this cashmere stripe blanket from The White Company?

Photo credit: The White Company

Embracing the Stripe Trend: Tips and Tricks

  • Balance soft, neutral stripes with more subtle bolder accents to prevent visual overload.

  • Mix different stripe widths and directions for a dynamic overall look.

  • Use stripes in large scale on your walls/rugs, or smaller nursery decorations such as pillows and prints.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with colour combinations to find the perfect palette that suits your nursery theme and aesthetic.

The stripe trend offers endless possibilities for creating a stylish and inviting nursery space for your little one, incorporating stripes into your nursery decor may be the trend right now, but is definitely a timeless look.

I used Ai to add a stripe wallpaper to this photo from my little boy's room, you can try the wallpaper visualiser here.

How will you add stripes into your nursery design?


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