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Neutral Nursery Decoration Ideas and Inspiration: Create a Serene Space for Your Little One

Designing a nursery is an exciting task for expectant parents, as it sets the stage for welcoming their bundle of joy into the world. If you're looking for a gender-neutral approach, a neutral nursery is a wonderful choice. With a palette of soft hues and versatile decor, you can create a serene and calming space that will grow with your child. In this post, we'll explore inspiring ideas for neutral nursery decorations and provide you with tips on how to design a beautiful and functional space. We'll feature some stunning products from Edie & Joe, as well as incorporate captivating images from Pinterest and Instagram to fuel your creativity.

Choosing a Neutral Colour Scheme:

The foundation of a neutral nursery lies in the colour palette. Opting for soft, soothing hues like beige, ivory, grey, or pastels creates a tranquil environment. Consider using warm or cool undertones to create different moods. Be sure to select paint colours that are free from harmful chemicals, creating a safe space for your little one.

Using a mixture of neutral tones together ,as demonstrated by @sydneymaycrouch, you can add simplistic nursery decorations such as our shell and moon mobile to complete the look.

Boucle shell and moon mobile

Embracing Natural Elements:

Incorporating natural elements in the nursery design adds warmth and a touch of eco-friendliness. Consider using wooden furniture, such as a crib or wardrobe, to create a rustic feel. Rattan baskets and changing station, organic cotton linens, and bamboo blinds are other great options to introduce natural textures. Add a touch of fresh, greenery to the space with hanging plants and succulents, as well as stems of dried flowers for more neutral decor.

Scour your local vintage and charity shops, as well as Facebook Marketplace for second-hand decor pieces such as this bamboo side table and wooden play gym. You can also use up-cycling techniques to save money, here I used the incredible DIY changing basket hack from Bobbin and Bumble.

Neutral nursery decoration ideas

Soft and Cosy Fabrics:

Make the nursery feel cosy and inviting with soft fabrics. Use plush rugs, comfortable cushions, and curtains made from natural fibres to enhance the comfort of the space. Opt for gender-neutral colours and textures to maintain the neutral aesthetic. Decorative pieces such as Edie & Joe boucle cloud cushions or boucle mobiles add texture and will give the perfect level of uniqueness to your space.

Boucle nursery cushions and boucle mobile


Wall Decor and Artwork:

Inject personality into the nursery with tasteful wall decor and artwork. Feature captivating prints, wall decals or feature wallpapers that complement the neutral theme. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources for finding unique and inspiring ideas. Remember to choose artwork that is suitable for a child's room, with designs that are visually stimulating yet calming.

Neutral nursery design and boucle mobile

Photo: @vlrhome_

Functional Storage Solutions:

Storage is key to keeping the nursery organised. Look for stylish baskets, shelves, and organisers to keep essentials within reach while maintaining a clutter-free space. Incorporate storage solutions that can grow with your child, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as their needs change.

We love these timeless scallop edge baskets from Zara Home available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Neutral nursery baskets Zara

Photo: Zara home

Lighting and Ambiance:

Pay attention to lighting in the nursery, as it can greatly impact the mood. Consider adding soft, adjustable lighting options, such as dimmable lamps or fairy lights, to create a cosy ambiance during nighttime routines. Additionally, blackout curtains or blinds can help regulate light and aid in creating a soothing sleep environment.


Designing a neutral nursery provides a timeless and calming space for your little one to grow and thrive. By following these ideas and incorporating neutral nursery decor, you'll be well on your way to creating a serene and beautiful nursery. Don't forget to explore our website (, for a range of carefully curated products that align with your vision. Embrace the journey of designing your nursery and enjoy the anticipation of your baby's arrival into their tranquil haven.


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